Track Name Organization L/V
Business Tim Gorree aka Digistar Brouwer Nokia - Helsinki L
  Sandra Lendorf aka Annie Milestone Seminal 3D - Germany L
  Kevin Tweedy aka Mystical Demina SmartAvatar - US L
  Robert Bloomfield Metanomics - US V
  Kevin Tweedy aka Mystical Demina
Kevin Tweedy is Founder of Extreme Reality which focuses on the SmartAvatar business application framework for virtual world based applications and simulations. Extreme Reality offers orchestration bot-based medical training simulations in virtual worlds is consulting Bank of America's emerging technology group working on the use of avatars for more natural next-generation website human interfaces.
 Extreme Reality  L
Chantal Gerards aka Chantal Harvey Mamachinima - Netherlands L
  Claus Frisenberg Povlsen aka Claus Uriza
Claus Uriza is Founder of Pop Art Lab and Co-Founder of Pop Vox. Claus is music editor and metadata communication and network specialist at Music Department of the Danish Bibliographic Center, Copenhagen.
Pop Art Lab - Denmark L

">Lisa Feay aka Elfay Pinkdot
Lisa Feay has a professional background in analog and digital radio and television
and now hosts the weekly Coffee & Pajamas Jazz Show on Songster Radio Network and streamed into the Sunsdet Jazz Club in Second Life.

Coffee & Pajamas Jazz - Ireland L

Daniel Hruschka
Daniel Hruschka, BA Social Sciences, is Community Manager at Metaversum, creator of Twinity.

Metaversum L
  Pooky Amsterdam Pooky Media - US V
  Paisley Beebe Perfect World Productions - Australia V

Draxtor Despres
Draxtor Despres is an award-winning maker of machinema computer animations.

The Drax Files V
Community Richard Dillon Preferred Family Healthcare - US V
Education Kevin Feenan aka Phelan Corrimal Rockcliffe University - Canada V